tim tebow calls teen Tim Tebow calls teen injured by drunk driver   Twitter campaign to thank

Despite how you feel about Tim Tebow as a football player, it’s hard to argue that he’s a good guy at heart. An Internet campaign took over Twitter recently that asked Tebow to call Matt Hardy, a 17-year-old Shenendehow High School student injured over the weekend after being hit by a drunk driver. Tebow not only took notice but called the teen.

“TIM TEBOW JUST GOT OFF THE PHONE WITH MATT! SUCH A CLASS ACT!!” Hardy’s brother Michael tweeted two hours after #TebowCallMatt started trending nationally. Over 50,000 Twitter users had retweeted the hashtag, ESPN reports.

Tebow later commented about the incident on his own Twitter page, tweeting, “Thanks to everyone who got #TebowCallMatt trending & helped connect us. Matt truly inspired me. God bless y’all.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz