tim tebow quitter jets response gi Tim Tebow 'forced' on owner of New York Jets Woody JohnsonTim Tebow somehow became the most unwanted man in the NFL. After being tossed aside by the Denver Broncos, it seemed like he’d found a place with the New York Jets. However, after a season of warming the bench and not a whole lot else, he looks to be on his way out that door, as well.

The only other team interested when Denver was looking to trade him, the Jacksonville Jaguars, now say they don’t want or need the quarterback. As if it couldn’t get any worse, a new report says some top members of the Jets’ organization are claiming they never wanted Tebow in the first place

According to ESPN, one of the men who interviewed for the team’s vacant general manager position was told by Woody Johnson, owner of the Jets, that he didn’t want Tebow on his team.

Ted Sundquist, former GM of the Denver Broncos, was one of the men to interview for the vacant GM job. In his interview, he says, Johnson and team president Neil Glat left him with the impression that the signing of Tim Tebow was forced on them by former GM Mike Tannenbaum. Tannenbaum was fired one day after the end of the Jets’ season.

Johnson admits that eventually he “jumped on board” with the plan, leaving it up to his staff. Now, with their one-year Tebow experiment seemingly over, the question remains: Will the quarterback find a new home? And where?

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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