Tebowmania made its way from Sunday afternoon to Saturday night on Dec. 17. “SNL” poked fun at the religious Denver Broncos quarterback by bringing in “Jesus” to discuss his involvement in the team’s winning streak.

The premise of the sketch is Broncos’ overtime victory against the Chicago Bears in which everything fell into place during the waning moments, including two long field goals by Denver’s kicker Matt Prater. While Tebow (Taran Killam) prays, Jesus (Jason Sudeikis) enters the locker room.

As Jesus, Sudeikis complains to the team, “It’s not a good week if every week, I, the Son of God, have to come in, drop everything and bail out the Denver Broncos.”

He then suggests the team do things to make their lives easier, like study the playbook.

Killam says, “The Holy Bible is my playbook.”

Sudeikis then says he prays to Prater (Andy Samberg), noting his exceptional skills in the kicking game. This causes surprise from Prater who says, “I didn’t know that.” Sudeikis then looks directly at Killam and says, “That’s because I’m not in everyone’s face about it.” This is a direct reference to Tebow’s outspokenness about his religious conviction.

Sudeikis leaves with a parting note saying Killam needs to, “I love you. But just take it down a notch.”

So Zappers. Was the sketch funny or mean spirited?

Posted by:David Eckstein