tim tebow bachelor twitter Tim Tebow's Easter address draws 15,000 to Texas churchTim Tebow is no stranger to performing in front of thousands of people. But the QB took on a slightly different role on Easter Sunday (April 8) when he spoke to a crowd of 15,000 at a Central Texas church.

The devout Christian and New York Jets back up quarterback tells the assembled group at Celebration Church that he’s perfectly comfortable with his religion and being as vocal as he is about it.

“It’s OK to be outspoken about your faith,” Tebow says. He also says about his fellow athletes who deny that they should be seen as role models, “Yes you are. You’re just not a good one.”

The Associated Press is reporting that Tebow sat down for a 20-minute interview with church pastor Joe Champion to discuss his faith. The wire service adds that people came from 100 miles away, if not more, to see Tebow speak.

“In Christianity, it’s the Pope and Tebow right now,” Champion says. “We didn’t have enough room to handle the Pope.”

Posted by:David Eckstein