time traveling with brian unger travel channel 'Time Traveling With Brian Unger' is 'like taking a kid to Disneyland for the first time'

Zap2it: It seems that to do a show such as ‘Time Traveling With Brian Unger,’ one would have to be a history buff. Is that the case with you?
Brian Unger: [Chuckles] It is the case for me. I have always been kind of onto history and I’ve always been intrigued by what came before, so that we don’t repeat the [actions] that lead us to mistakes. I ascribe to that old adage of learning from the past so that we can make the future better. So it fits nicely with kind of like how I like to live my life.
Zapit: How much fun is hosting this show?
Brian Unger: It’s such a great time for me. I am seeing places I’ve always wanted to go. I am seeing the excitement in the faces of people who are experiencing this connection between past and present, and in that connection there is this spark and that spark is being captured by our cameras and it’s like taking a kid to Disneyland for the first time. It’s really exciting for me to see and it’s fun. Yeah, I feel like a very lucky guy. …
There is something about the weight of history in certain places that is the closest thing I think we’ll ever get to the paranormal, in so much that we hear the voices that inhabited places, we can almost picture Gen. Sherman sitting at his desk, and we enable our tourists to sit at that desk. To me, it’s as close as I’ll ever get to history and making that come alive. And I’m not a very superstitious person at all, but in these places where we go, since we get to pull back the curtain and go backstage, you feel and hear these ghosts of history. And for some people that’s really fun and funny, and for others it’s very emotional. It’s really run the gamut.
Posted by:George Dickie