time 100 influential3 Time's Influential People: Lady Gaga, Bill Clinton, Robert Pattinson? Time’s 100 Most Influential People 2010 issue includes an expected broad spectrum of stars from all fields of endeavor.

On the entertainment side, the predictable names and faces that have been in the news over the past year are listed: Lady Gaga, Ashton Kutcher, Oprah Winfrey, Taylor Swift, “The Hurt Locker” director Kathryn Bigelow, “Twilight” vamp Robert Pattinson and “Glee” star Lea Michele.

Wait, Ashton Kutcher? What’s he been doing lately besides Twitter and those Nikon Coolpix commercials?

On the cover, we see Lady Gaga standing next to former President Bill Clinton and professional footballer Didier Drogba.

In a pseudo “Interview” magazine style, other celebs comment about Time’s Influential picks, such as Nancy Pelosi talking about Hillary Clinton.

]]>Cyndi Lauper comments on Gaga: “When I see somebody like Gaga, I sit back in admiration. I’m inspired to pick up the torch again myself. I did an interview with her once, and she showed up with a sculpture on her head. I thought, ‘How awesome.’ She isn’t a pop act, she is a performance artist. She herself is the art. She is the sculpture.” George Lopez discusses late-night host Conan O’Brien: “Conan’s tenacity and wit have been an inspiration to me on my own late-night show. I’m happy and proud that we’ll be playing on the same team when he comes to basic cable.” The full list can be found on Time.com. time Time's Influential People: Lady Gaga, Bill Clinton, Robert Pattinson?Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity dish.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead