amy poehler tina fey golden globes hosts 2013 nbc Tina Fey and Amy Poehler reveal Golden Globes hosting plansIt can’t be easy following Ricky Gervais as Golden Globes host, but if anyone can pull off the challenge it’s Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

We’re guessing their hosting stint on Sunday night will be a little… kinder than Ricky, but still hilarious.

The longtime friends are also both Globe nominees this year for their NBC comedies (Fey’s “30 Rock” is nearing its series finale, while Poehler’s “Parks and Recreation” remains one of TV’s best). They got together on a brief conference call to hype their hosting gig. And spent more time cracking each other up than spoiling what viewers can expect from the show.

Highlights of the call follow:

Should we expect to see any of your “30 Rock” or “Parks and Rec” co-stars up on stage with you?

Tina Fey: We have the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders.
Amy Poehler: And we’re gonna have the cast of “Cheers” up there, strangely. So far those are our only ideas. We really need to get working.

Is there any pressure following Ricky Gervais? Do you feel a need to copy his insult comedy style?

Fey: One thing about the show because it’s such a fun night, it’s not really about the host giving a big comedy performance. We feel like our job is to keep things moving and help get the movie stars more liquored up so hopefully someone’s boob will fall out of their dress. That’s our main role.

But obviously you want to make it a memorable show.

Fey: The luckiest we could get would be for something interesting and spontaneous to happen.
Poehler: That would be really great. We’re trying to plan that.
Fey: We have a lot of spontaneous things planned.

How do you think your improv background will help your hosting?

Fey: If a drunk person wanders on stage, we’ll know how to handle it.
Amy: I think we’ll try to keep it loose. It’s nice to be able to do the show with Tina because I know if all else fails we’ll just make something up on the spot. We’re ready to give it to Affleck over [in a Boston accent] “Argo.” “‘Argo’ blank yourself!”

Is the reputation of the Globes as a big drunken party really true or an exaggeration?

Poehler: It is the only award show where there’s drinks at your table. It doesn’t take much.
Fey: Somehow no matter when you get there you always just miss the food. I think it’s a scam. You get there and there’s just booze on the table and a box of candy. The women haven’t eaten for days so they have half a glass of wine and they’re gone.

Was the plan always to have you two host together, or were you approached separately?

Fey: It was originally going to be the car from “Transformers.”
Poehler: One of us and a car from “Transformers.” And then people decided the car from “Transformers” was too big to fit into the place.
Fey: There was not a door large enough in the venue.

Can you tease any surprises that will make people really want to tune in?

Poehler: One of the people watching at home is gonna win a million dollars. If they laugh at just the right thing, someone’s gonna knock on their door and they’ll be given a check.
Fey: You have to be home and you have to have more than one television turned into the Golden Globes.
Poehler: We haven’t talked to the HFPA about that yet, we don’t know where we’re getting the million but we’re gonna work that out later.

Have you recruited any of your comedy writing friends to help with material for the show?

Fey: We definitely called some of our friends. We’re gonna sing — the whole show is gonna be sung front to back. Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine have written it.
Poehler: We don’t know what we’re gonna sing until our music rehearsal, which is weirdly Monday, the day after the show.
Fey: It’s the only time we could schedule it.

What did you discuss with each other when the idea of hosting first came up?

Fey: We first checked in with each other, we were both like, ‘Sounds fun, right?’ We were in agreement. And we haven’t done anything since.
Poehler: We made sure we wanted to do it and took a really long nap. We’ve been in total denial until this interview. Oh my god, it’s Sunday!

Are you planning any elaborate wardrobe changes?

Fey: I’m going to wear one costume from each of the nominated films. Beginning with ‘Django’ and ending with a different character from ‘Django.’
Poehler: All my clothes are tear-away no matter what I’m doing.

Have you thought about acceptance speeches or asked each other for advice?

Fey: I know that I don’t need one.
Poehler: We exchanged blank pieces of paper and said ‘Nice try, sucker.’ We’ve been too busy prepping, so we haven’t even thought about it. If either of us does win we will have already been talking so people will be sick of us. Or since we’re hosting we could just say ‘screw it!’ and talk forever.

Do you have any favorites among the nominated films?

Fey: I really, really enjoyed “Silver Linings Playbook.” I thought the acting was great and it was shot in the neighborhood where I’m from. It was really special to me. I used to go to that diner all the time. And I have deep seeded mental problems.
Poehler: Bradley Cooper is an old friend and pointed out to me 12 years ago we shared a bunk at Sundance for a movie called “Wet Hot American Summer.” Share a bunk is a euphemism, I want you to know. I also loved “The Impossible,” I thought that was a beautiful movie. Tom Holland was not nominated, but I may say his name. What are they gonna do?

Will you be drinking during the show?

Fey: I’m not gonna drink at all until after the show and then I’ll have half a glass of wine.
Poehler: I’m gonna pub crawl it all the way to the venue and I’m gonna try to take a two hour blackout nap before the show starts. Then as soon as the show ends I’m gonna go on a ten day juice cleanse.

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