Tina-Fey-GQ.jpgNo one is safe from the quick wit of Tina Fey. Not even toddlers.

]]>“30 Rock” character, Liz Lemon, is actually ugly. All in a days work. Fey recently announced that she and hubby composer Jeff Richmond are adding to their growing family with a new bun-in-the-oven. The couple are already parents to 5-year-old daughter, Alice. We already have a sneaking suspicion that Fey has got to be one of the coolest moms out there, and we’re pretty sure her kids are going to grow up to be awesome, too. We’ve posted a few excerpts from the piece below. Read the rest of her interview at GQ.com. GQ: I remember, the first time I saw my wife’s breast pump, I thought, This is an alarming, medieval device.
Fey: Yeah, the thing’s upsetting. I would try to pump milk while watching ‘Entourage’ on demand. And that was the worst possible way to do it. Like, I had the pump on, and I’d hear Turtle on TV: Yo, E, you ever f*** a girl when she has her period? I just sat there thinking: Oooh, this is not how this is meant to be. GQ: Louis C.K. has a classic line that it’s completely okay to call your kid an a**hole. What do you think?
Fey: I think that any person being an a**hole deserves it. Especially toddlers–they’re total d-bags. You gotta let them know. GQ: I’m curious. Do you think Liz is ugly? Because there are all these jokes about her being unattractive, and I just don’t see it.
Fey: It’s never that she’s ugly–I mean, she is sometimes slovenly. But for me, it’s always been kind of the opposite of what people have said about her. It’s about how other men see her, and has nothing to do with how she really is. When Jack is like, “Ugh, you’re a mess,” it’s because of what his brain wants a woman to be. It has nothing to do with the physical symmetry of her size or anything. So no, she’s not ugly. She’s kind of sloppy. But all the clothes that Liz Lemon wears are much nicer than what I would wear on a writing-hiatus week. GQ: You’ve claimed publicly that the key to comedy is a staffing mix of Harvard people and Chicago improv people. What’s the alchemy there?
Fey: It’s Spock and Kirk. One’s visceral and the other’s cerebral. They’re asocial, but they mix together nicely.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci