tina yothers wife swap abc Tina Yothers and Niecy Nash 'Celebrity Wife Swap': What did you think?The fun part of ABC’s new series “Celebrity Wife Swap” is taking the fish out of water and seeing how they do. In Tuesday’s (Jan. 17) episode, “Family Ties” star Tina Yothers swapped out with comic Niecy Nash. And the results were probably exactly what producers hoped for.

Yothers, the former teen star, has left entertainment and settled into a simple life on the fringes of suburbia. Nash, on the other hand, is a busy actress and prefers the glamor of Hollywood. But after the swap, they both struggle with their new lives.

While taking in a day at the spa, a clearly uncomfortable Yothers explains, “I’m happy in my flip flops…this whole Hollywood thing and the pampering, it’s just not for me.” This matter becomes plainly evident when, after her make over, she takes a tumble while wearing high heels.

The always-primped Nash fares about the same, that is to say awkwardly. Nash gives camping a go with Yothers’ family. She put on a brave face when it came to canoeing, fishing and eating, but she offered an emphatic “No” when it came to sleeping outside. At that moment she decided it was time for a hotel.

“I can’t wait to get back to civilization,” Nash says.

Here’s some video of the episode. Share your thoughts on the episode below.

Posted by:David Eckstein