stefano elton week 'Tiny Dancer': Did 'American Idol's' Stefano Langone pull off the classic?Confession: We sort of loved Stefano Langone‘s performance of “Tiny Dancer” on Wednesday’s Elton John themed “American Idol” episode. We haven’t necessarily loved every performance of his thus far this season, but “Tiny Dancer” has always been one of our favorite Elton songs, and we liked Stefano’s twist on it.

It didn’t come easy, certainly. Jimmy Lovine didn’t pull any punches as Stefano worked out the arrangement in the studio, but Stefano assured viewers at home that the tough-love approach is exactly how he likes to work.

The judges gave Stefano strong reviews. Everyone mentioned that his audience connection had improved over previous weeks’ performances, and Jennifer Lopez said, “I could really feel you taking our notes.” Most of the Zap2it staff (and our Twitter feed) were lukewarm about the performance. What’d you think? Weigh in below in the comments.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie