dawson crying titanic american pie 98 degrees clarissa 'Titanic,' 'American Pie,' Dawson, boy bands, neon wayfarers: The '90s are back with a vengeanceDo not be alarmed. You have not been transported through a wormhole back to 1999… but it might feel like it. April 2012 is looking an awful lot like the 1990s. Whether you’re at the movies, watching TV, or picking out your clothes, there’s a definite resurgence of ’90s nostalgia. For those of us who still remember the ’90s like it was yesterday, it’s a little weird that it’s also, well, today.

First of all, there’s the fact that James Van Der Beek is back on television. “Don’t Trust The B—- in Apartment 23” premieres this Wednesday, April 11. In the ABC comedy, Van Der Beek plays a fictional version of himself — a version that wears “Dawson’s Creek” flannel and blasts Paula Cole’s “I Don’t Want To Wait” in order to seduce women.

On a related note, all three leads from “Felicity” (Keri Russell, Scott Foley, and Scott Speedman) star in pilots that are being considered for the Fall 2012 TV season. Currently, Teen Nick is running “The ’90s Are All That” nights, featuring ’90s television favorites like “Clarissa Explains It All,” “The Adventures of Pete and Pete,” and “Rugrats.”

If you need to get away from your television, the movie theater is beckoning with “Titanic 3-D,” James Cameron’s re-release of the 1997 Oscar winner, which netted a very respectable $17.4 million at the Box Office this weekend. (Side note: We’d just like to make it clear that in the ’90s, we knew that the Titanic was a real thing, not James Cameron’s stroke of dramatic genius.)

“American Reunion” is also in theaters to remind us that MILF jokes are forever. The “American Pie” franchise flick uses ’90s music (Third Eye Blind and Spice Girls, anyone?) to tug on our nostalgia-ridden heartstrings while frequently reminding us how far we’ve come — of course Jim’s encounter with Nadia is on YouTube now. Of course it is.

On the radio, ’90s-style pop is back in full force, with Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” making a “…Baby One More Time” like splash. British import One Direction is making boy bands cool again, which is a good thing, considering the possible reunion of 98 Degrees after ten years disbanded. (Are you listening, *NSYNC? Are you paying attention?) In a similar vein, MTV is reuniting its parody boy band, 2ge+her, for a potential movie.

Outside the pop realm, Sugar Ray, Lit, the Gin Blossoms, Everclear and Marcy Playground (you know, the guy who smells sex and candy here) are all on this year’s Summerland tour. Carnie Wilson, Wendy Wilson, and Chynna Phillips are staging a Wilson Phillips resurgence on their reality show “Still Holding On.”

As if that’s not enough, ’90s fashion is making a comeback — just check out Kat Graham‘s new music video, in which she rocks a bedazzled jean jacket and combat boots that would make Daria proud. We’re all reviving the colorful wayfarers and neon nail polish we wore as kids, too. In fact, the bright colors trend gave Old Navy the opportunity to stage an epic ’90s “Blossom” reunion with Mayim Bialik and Joey Lawrence. Now, if we could just make jelly sandals and iron-on smiley face patches happen…

What’s your favorite ’90s trend striking back in 2012? What do you hope makes a comeback? Drop us a line in the comments below.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie