titanic abc miniseries 'Titanic' miniseries captures the tragedy on screen once againABC wrapped up its four-hour “Titanic” miniseries Sunday night (April 15), the 100-year anniversary of the tragic maritime disaster in the north Atlantic. What did you think of the miniseries?

Comparisons are obviously going to be made between this new miniseries and the 1997 James Cameron movie. If you take out commercials, the running time is nearly the same. What we liked better about this miniseries is that it really did interweave the stories of the whole ship. It wasn’t just first class and steerage, or just two lovers. It made for a very rich story.

On the other hand, and what is often the case with a character-driven piece (and also that it was made for TV), the sinking of the ship did not pack nearly the same punch on TV as it does in the movie. There were lovely moments – that father and daughter trapped and just going to hold tight to each other? That was a three-hankie moment.

But it just really wasn’t the epic event that the actual sinking was. And Cameron’s movie, whatever you say about it, really captured the sinking on a grand scale – the panic, the terror, the enormity of the ship. And the magic brandy at the end that saved Lord Manton was a little much.

Overall, though, if you look at this miniseries as a way to honor the stories and the lives of those hundreds of people lost this day 100 years ago, as actor Linus Roache described the miniseries, the focus on the characters and their stories made it a very satisfying piece.

What did you think, viewers?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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