titantic violin Titanic violin to be auctioned off for record amount   if it proves to be authentic

The violin that survived the ill-fated voyage of the Titanic will soon be auctioned off in London — as long as it survives the authentication process, that is.

The musical instrument is believed to have been owned by Wallace Hartley, the Titanic bandmaster and violinist. As the story goes, he put the violin in a waterproof bag and strapped it to his chest as the Titanic sunk. It was later removed safe and sound from his dead body.

After it is fully authenticated, the Titanic violin is believed to sell for a record amount of money during the auction in April. Thus far the highest amount of money paid for a Titanic artifact is $340,000, Daily Mail reports. Experts believe the item to be authentic, and the seller says it was a gift from Hartley’s former fianc� Maria Robinson who recovered the violin after his death.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz