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Nadya Suleman won’t be on a reality TV show on the Learning Channel.

The president of TLC, the network that also features  “Jon and Kate Plus 8," a show about a family with sextuplets, had previously indicated she was considering a Nadya Suleman show.

Now, they’ve changed their tune. On Tuesday Eileen O’Neill confirmed to Usmagazine.com that TLC would not work with Suleman.

"TLC is not pursuing any program at this time with Nadya Suleman," O’Neill told Us. "We wish the family well."

And surprise, the Nadyasulemanfamily.com website has also mysteriously disappeared. (Breaking News: We just checked and (surprise!) it’s back up. But  it’s now missing her former PR company’s contact information)

The mother of 14 was reportedly getting death threats left on that site.

The word from the public relations company that has since stopped for representing Nadya is that people at the company were also getting death threats online and in phone messages.

Would you watch a reality show on Suleman and her babies? Or would you boycott the show, the network and all its advertisers?

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