Nadyasulemankaiser TMZ has seen the octomom birth tape.  And it’s not pretty.

As TMZ reports on its site, "We’ve seen enough births to last us until 2011."

We would say until 2021.

It’s true that octoMom Nadya Suleman appeared to hedge on Dr. Phil’s show today when he asked if the videotape of the births had been up for sale.

"Not certain," she said.

Well, it was for sale, because TMZ was shown it and was asked for an offer.

TMZ honcho Harvey Levin saw the tape last Thursday. He says it’s edited, but shows the births.

Nadya told Dr. Phil that the person who shot the birthing video was a close friend. And according to Levin, it was a pushy person who was annoying the doctors and nurses and getting in everyone’s way.

The agency that was brokering the deal told TMZ it was "showing the video to various media outlets and would accept bids."

But there has reportedly been a temporary hold on the video deal.

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Photo: Nadya Suleman leaving Kaiser Permanente offices on March 10, 2009. FilmMagic

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead