To a funeral, we wear black; to a wedding, anything but white. But what to wear to a sliming?
Every year, celebrities and their stylists ponder this fashion dilemma. And dressing for an awards show such as Nickelodeon’s 23rd Annual Kids’ Choice Awards (airing Saturday, March 27), where it’s a badge of honor to be doused in green slime, is tricky, as Justin Timberlake knows. He’s been on eight times, including as winner of the prestigious burp contest. (Take that, best actor Oscar nominees!)
“The biggest challenge came when he hosted,” says his stylist, Annie Psaltiras. “He got slimed within the first five minutes of the show. He was in a tuxedo and did a huge opening number. He wore a Nick orange bow tie and an orange scarf, and I knew they would all get slimed. I pretty much figured those things would be goners, so I got two of everything. If something goes wrong, I will have a backup. I didn’t want to scrub slime out of a tuxedo shirt. I know it’s super nontoxic and water-based, so it probably comes out.”
It washes off easily, says Scott Heger, president of Blair Adhesive Products, the slime’s manufacturer.
“It comes off hair and skin,” he says. “It comes off easily in warm water. We tell the host or the principals to put baby oil on their skin. And that helps it wash off faster.”
Clothing can be salvaged once slimed.
“We tell them to bag clothes and keep it wet,” Heger says. “The only time we have an issue is if it dries out.”
Much is made of the goo’s nontoxicity, and some say it’s edible. Even Heger pauses considering this.
“Technically, yes,” he says. “I just can’t wrap my mind around eating green slime.”
Heger’s company makes about 15,000 gallons of slime for the KCA. The water-based goop has thickeners and food coloring. Beyond that, Heger’s not divulging his secret recipe, except to say that this shade is exclusive to Nickelodeon. His company also makes alien fluids and blood for movies.
“Justin Timberlake was the best sport of the whole group,” says Heger, who attends the show. “He did a back flip into the slime.”
Psaltiras says Timberlake tends to wear jeans. This year, he’ll likely wear his brand, William Rast. To other slime fests, he’s worn jackets by Yves Saint Laurent and Dolce & Gabbana. Shirts have included Dior Homme button-downs and vintage. Psaltiras likes shopping at Opening Ceremony and Douglas Fir, both in Los Angeles.
Timberlake has worn Nike, Adidas, Supra and Common Projects.
Anyone attending should wear, “something you can put in the washing machine,” Psaltiras says. “Wear something comfortable. Always be yourself, and anti-slip footwear is a must.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler