Today’s cuppa: lots of coffee, from beans I ground myself (but not in a coffee grinder, as I think my Target blender works just fine, and I’m just too cheap to buy another appliance. It also makes smoothies. Try that in a coffee grinder.)

Thumbnail image for HotCuppaTV.gifThe other day, “Piers Morgan Tonight” earned itself boffo ratings by having Charlie Sheen on for a live interview. At one point during the chat, Morgan referred to Sheen as the “Che Guevara of television.”

What is it about showbiz types and killers that look cute on T-shirts?

Speaking of which, I was watching a 2006, I believe, episode of BBC America’s “Top Gear” today, and host Jeremy Clarkson was sporting a Che Guevara tee. Would he wear a Hitler or Stalin or Pol Pot tee? Probably not, and anyway, they wouldn’t look quite as countercultural and revolutionary chic as the old Che-ster. But I digress.

The conservative American Thinker blog did a lovely evisceration of Morgan’s comment — click here for that — and in case you were thinking that only right-wing bloggers disapprove of Guevara, click here for a not-very-complimentary review of a movie about the man from

Guevara’s mug appears on a wide variety of items other than shirts, such as totes, baby bibs and posters, including one showing rapper Jay-Z wearing the ubiquitous tee.

I have no idea what Morgan and Clarkson do or don’t know about Che Guevara or why they feel it appropriate to mention or wear him. Of course, they have the right to mention or wear anyone or anything they want.

But perhaps these two Brits might like to peruse this article from the Times of London first.

Upside, I don’t think Sheen did another TV interview today.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare