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Casey-Anthony-Defense-Rests.jpgToday, TMZ is reporting that the big three networks — ABC, NBC and CBS — are negotiating to land the first TV interview with Casey Anthony, who was recently acquitted of charges she killed her toddler daughter, Caylee, whose death remains a mystery.

People may wonder why Anthony should be allowed to profit from her situation.

Now, there may be many, including Florida law enforcement and volunteer searchers, who may seek to recoup costs from the search for the child, whose location was known to Anthony (who was actually convicted of lying to police).

As well, we have yet to see if any civil lawsuits will be filed, like the one that followed O.J. Simpson’s acquittal in the murder his wife. Defending herself in a lawsuit could be expensive for Anthony, and losing in one, even more so.

Anthony could also donate to charity any fees paid to her in an attempt to rehabilitate her image.

But in the end, networks pay big because they believe they’ll get big audiences for this sort of interview. As always, the viewer decides. If no one tuned in to an Anthony interview, there might be fewer offers to folks like her in the future.

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Posted by:Kate O'Hare