Today’s cuppa: Barry’s Classic Blend tea

HotCuppaTV.gifA round-up on what’s been brewing in my brain today …

Yeah, it was a while ago, and we know it was epic in its awfulness, but, in my mind, the best part was when Billy Crystal introduced a tape of former host Bob Hope.

Or, as I observed on Twitter at the time: Let’s face it, the funniest man on the tonight was both dead and a Republican. Doesn’t bode well for modern Hollywood.

Charlie Sheen: Perhaps I am a humorless drip, but back on Feb. 28, in the midst of all of the general amusement over Sheen’s predicament, here were my questions as put out on Twitter: Here are my Qs: Has he broken the law? If so, where is LAPD? Has he violated his contract? Is Social Services involved 4 the kids?

Well, Sheen’s camp sent out a letter to network CBS and studio Warner Bros., signed by some high-powered Tinseltown legal eagles, so I’m told, so it seems the contract wars are underway.

Then, after Sheen had verbal diarrhea all over several TV networks and TMZ, the police may have taken two of his children away (apparently helping to care for them is Lisa Rinna’s former nanny). And there’s a restraining order.

Who knows where all this will end, but don’t say I didn’t ask.

And here’s a poll:

: Since it’s no cheaper than the original iPad, that may make current owners feel a bit less like morons for jumping in early — but this new one is apparently way cooler. Either way, too rich for my brew, so I’ll wait for one to arrive in a gift box (hint, hint).

Piers Morgan: I haven’t watched every single episode of “Piers Morgan Tonight” on CNN — there isn’t an instrument that can measure how little I care about Howard Stern or Larry King — but I’ve enjoyed every one I have seen, and I’ve learned something new about each person he’s talked to. That seems to me to be what a chat show is all about.

He also does fine with the breaking news, of which there’s been a great deal since he premiered.

No, it’s not “Meet the Press,” but then Charlie Sheen and Janet Jackson aren’t John Boehner and Hillary Clinton (and if he gets those folks on and softballs them, I’ll squawk, too).

TV Show I’ve Enjoyed Most Lately: “Top Gear” on BBC America. The episode where the U.K. hosts went up against the Australian ones had me in stitches. Only thing funnier on TV is “Community.”

Runner up: TNT’s “Southland,” whose episode on Tuesday had a rip-roaring shoot-em-up at the end, and a great subplot about the drug and back-pain issues of Officer Cooper (Michael Cudlitz).

Posted by:Kate O'Hare