dylan dreyer gallery nbc 325 'Today's' Dylan Dreyer on her blizzard car accident: 'It was so unfortunate'Dylan Dreyer isn’t in Boston anymore, but having spent her share of time there, she empathizes with its residents this winter.

Last fall, she ended a five-year run of forecasting at NBC’s Beantown affiliate WHDH to become the meteorologist on the weekend editions of the network’s morning program “Today.” Lately, she’s been at the front of the show often as the East Coast has felt Mother Nature’s cold wrath repeatedly, though the coming weekend promises a break.

“I remember that a few winters ago, it was snowstorm after snowstorm,” the friendly Dreyer tells Zap2it. “It was always a Tuesday into a Wednesday. My husband’s family lives about 20 minutes outside the city, and that was the town that just got pummeled. The fronts of people’s homes were covered halfway up by snow, and you couldn’t even see the fences.

“Then last year [the winter of 2011-12], there was nothing. We had a snowstorm on Halloween, and that was it. That was my last winter in Boston, and then of course, they get another very interesting season from a meteorologist’s perspective. I do miss covering the storms up there, but I hope to get another opportunity to cover them for the ‘Today’ show. If I don’t get in an accident.”

Indeed, Dreyer was impacted by this winter very directly on Saturday, Feb. 9. En route from New York to Hartford, Conn., to cover a blizzard for “Today,” she was involved in a car mishap that left her with a mild concussion and ultimately kept her off the air during the storm.

“Even if I had been on vacation, I would have flown back for it,” she says. “It was so unfortunate; we just spun out. It didn’t help that we took the Merritt Parkway. It’s so winding, and once we got to Connecticut, the roads deteriorated instantly and I ended up hitting my head.”

Viewers familiar with Dreyer’s natural enthusiasm for weather likely were surprised by her absence that weekend. “I’ve been covering storms for 10 years, and I’d never been stuck in one before,” the newlywed reflects. “The concussion was just minor, but my husband forced me to rest and take it easy and lie around a lot more than I wanted to.

‘”That’s the best way to get through any head injury,” Dreyer notes, “though it was low-impact. I’m totally fine now.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin