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Meredith Vieira was involved in another four-letter-word debacle on the “Today” show Thursday (June 10) morning.

Lucky for her, this time it didn’t come from her mouth.

]]>Kayla Manson, a 13-year-old Florida girl accused of being an accomplice after her boyfriend allegedly attempted to murder her best friend. Manson told Vieira she didn’t see the texts where here boyfriend, Wayne Treacy, threatened to kill her BFF, Josie Ratley — but she did happen to catch a glimpse of the name-calling texts, which she (unfortunately) recounted word-for-word. Manson said she saw the text messages “where she calls him a rapist, and she calls him a c**t, I mean the one where he calls her a c**t.” Vieira issued the gentle warning, “We just have to be careful with our language, but that’s alright, sweetheart.” Vieira later apologized to viewers for Manson’s slip of the tongue: “I just want to apologize to our audience at home for some of the rough language in that last segment,” she said. “And it’s really not Kayla’s fault. I asked her about the text message, and she didn’t realize…she was giving me verbatim, what was in it. She didn’t know there are certain words you can’t say on television. Anyway, we do apologize for that.” Hmm … too bad Vieira can’t use the “didn’t know there are certain words you can’t say on television” excuse for her slip up earlier this year when she dropped the S-bomb. Follow Zap2it , Zap2itChristine on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news.

Posted by:Christine Law