meredith vieira rosanna scotto 'Today's' Meredith Vieira, 'Good Day's' Rosanna Scotto say dirty words on live TVWhat’s in the water over in New York?

Both “Today’s” Meredith Vieira and “Good Day New York’s” Rosanna Scotto did big ol’ live TV no-no’s this week.

In a “Today” segment on Distractology 101 Friday (April 30) morning, Vieira got so distracted that she let a curse word slip out.

A video game demonstration on how easy it is to get distracted by a cell phone while driving got Vieira flustered. She swerved to miss a car, and let an “Oh s***!” escape from her lips.

Hey, if you can get a big-name long-time TV personality so distracted that she forgets that little no cursing on national television rule — well, we’d say the video game demo proved its point.

Scotto doesn’t exactly have a distraction excuse for her off-color comment.

During a discussion Thursday on the National Milk Producers Federation’s assertion that milk should only be labeled “milk” when it comes from an animal — not soy or rice — Scotto threw her co-anchors for a loop by suggesting “soy ji***m.”

No word yet on if the National Milk Producers Federation is taking Scotto’s suggestion into consideration. 

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