toddlers and tiaras paisley s5 'Toddlers & Tiaras' Season 5: Paisley the mini 'Pretty Woman' is backIf you’ve been missing “Toddlers and Tiaras,” you’re in luck because the pint-sized glamfest returns to TLC on Wednesday (April 4) for a brand new season. And, yes, it’s jam-packed with more jaw-dropping moments of bad parenting, horrifying pageantry and — despite the quarter-inch of makeup clogging their pores — kids being kids.

Fans of Peppermint Paisley — the tot whose mother dressed her like Julia Roberts’ hooker character in “Pretty Woman” — will be stoked to see she’s back and, thanks to mom, just as inappropriately dressed as ever. Here’s a sneak peek:

Mom Wendy gloats during the premiere episode that the whole “Pretty Woman” controversy made her and her living doll daughter famous.

“I love living vicariously through my 3-year-old daughter Paisley,” says Wendy. “Paisley has competed in over 60 pageants, but it was definitely the ‘Pretty Woman’ costume that put Paisley’s name out there.”

True, though it was mainly negative press accusing her of over-sexualizing young Paisley — who is now 5.

“I love Julia Roberts and I thought, ‘this will be the funniest thing ever.’ Then all of a sudden, BAM! I got a lot of backlash,” she says. “People were saying that I was sexualizing her, but I made the outfit myself. The outfit was very non-revealing and she would not be as well-known if it was not for that costume.”

Just wait until you see what Paisley wears in the season premiere. It’s kind of Gaga.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson