becky riggins fnl 'Friday Night Lights': Coach Taylor isn't having the Toilet BowlThe big game this week is between two last-place teams, causing all of mean-spirited West Texas to get excited about making potty jokes: the game shall be termed The Toilet Bowl.

Well, Coach Taylor isn’t having any of it, and he tells his team that they no longer are playing according to the “it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose” mantra. They aren’t scrappers anymore, they’re a team. So they practice and practice.

Luke’s practicing hurts a little more than others, because he got jammed between a swinging cow fence last week and the entire side of his abdomen is a flaming bruised red. He’s gone through three weeks worth of pain medication in one, and goes to Tim Riggins for some help: Tim sends him to a good ole boy football-fan doctor who prescribes pain medication like a clerk in a Texas convenience store sells beer to minors.

Luke pops the pills, which keep him going through the game, but only just barely. The Lions take an early lead, but squander it. Vince and Luke slowly bring the team back (Luke does so while wincing and limping and lying to Coach about how he feels) and Landry clinches the win with a final field goal. Lions win! Can you believe it?!

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