tom cruise home invader case dropped Tom Cruise home invader Jason Sullivan off the hook after case is dropped

Remember Jason Sullivan, that man who drunkenly broke into Tom Cruise’s home because he thought it was the Beverly Hills house that he was staying at? Well you won’t for much longer, because he is officially off the hook for his little home invasion stint.

TMZ has seen documents that show that Cruise told the Los Angeles County District Attorney that he didn’t want to press charges against Sullivan because, as TMZ puts it, “he realizes it was just a sloshy mistake.” That means no harm done on either side, except for the fact that Sullivan had been tased by one of Cruise’s security guards.

The incident occurred on Oct. 28 when Sullivan mistook Cruise’s Beverly Hills home for the friend’s house he was staying at. When the guard saw him “climbing a fence to gain access to the property,” he stun-gunned Sullivan and waited for police. The home that Sullivan was actually staying at is located right next to Cruise’s.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz