Don’t expect to see Tom Cruise‘s speech at the SBIFF Saturday night on YouTube today. Or ever.
His pal Will Smith was honored with the Modern Masters award in Santa Barbara last night and told really engaging,  amusing, self-deprecating stories about himself, his life and career. He got affectionate with some foliage and had the rapt audience chuckling for over an hour. Naturally, everyone assumed that Tom would follow suit when he took the stage and announced. "Okay, Will. You’ve had your say…" Hundreds of cell phones were whipped out and held aloft to better capture Tom’s speech. But after a few minutes of humorless motivational patter read from large notecards about "commitment, passion, excellence," one by one,  the cell phones lights were turned off and the phones stuffed back into disappointed pockets.
Thank God Tom didn’t turn up at the packed afterparty at the posh Four Season’s Biltmore…

]]>The party was a combo of an 80th anniversary party, a $200 million-plus renovation celebration and the film fest’s big fete. But Tom might not have enjoyed the loose, hip and trendy Social Hollywood feel and Go-Go girls dancing behind scrims to the delight of the 800-plus revelers. But he and Will were both reportedly staying at the hotel. Will and Jada had earlier left the hotel’s parking lot for the event in a black SUV around 6:45. Tom arrived at the Arlington Theatre slightly later, through the back door of the Arlington Theatre and didn’t walk the soggy red carpet or wave to fans braving the drizzle. No sign of Katie. Yet. Maybe she’s hiding in one of hte hotel’s private bungalows. Or maybe she stayed at home to pack all that French couture she bought last week. Either way, this is possibly the first time, she’s not been dragged to one of these things and forced to smile all night. Good for you, Katie.


Photo Credits: Tom’s speech about Will  was  real downer. Next time, learn your lines and leave the cue cards at home.
Ray Mickshaw/WireImage


Photo Credits: Will gets amorous with houseplant for no apparent reason at the SBIFF awards
Ray Mickshaw/WireImage

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