Tom Cruise was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Tuesday (June 3) to promote his new movie, “Edge of Tomorrow.” But the best clip is when he talks about the exhausting foreign tour he had to go on nearly 30 years ago to promote “Top Gun.”

It turns out this four-month tour spurred Cruise to invent foreign premieres of U.S. movies. Hmm.

“It was ‘Top Gun,'” says Cruise. “We traveled all over the world — Italy, Paris, Japan. I always wanted to travel foreign, it was amazing. It took four months, this tour. We used to do these tours, foreign, it would take months. We’d spend weeks in one place. I loved spending that time, but I was working [on other things] — Scorsese was editing ‘Color of Money,’ there was an early draft of ‘Rain Man.’

“That’s when I came up with the idea of doing — I thought we’d do a country in a couple of days. I like premieres … so I came up with the idea of let’s have premieres in different countries. I came up with that, it took a few years to get it going.”

The rest of the interview is below, which includes riveting things like Cruise’s morning routine (teeth brushing) and helping Will Smith out on “I Am Legend.”

“Edge of Tomorrow” opens nationwide Friday, June 6.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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