tom daley nude twitter Tom Daley nude photo: Single white diver seeks followers for 'cheeky' fun

Eighteen-year-old Tom Daley, Britain’s Olympic poster boy, shows off the physique that diving built with a racy photo posted to his Twitter profile. Daley keeps the photo from being officially X-rated by holding a small card in front of his nether region, promoting his profile on a video sharing site called Keek.
Tom tweets, “Everyone go and get keek! You will love it and follow me 😉 cheeky nude pic 😉 haha [sic].” 
A quick glance at the diver’s Keek profile reveals video snippets of Tom practicing some free-form gymnastics, getting a haircut, and partying in a penguin costume with One Direction’s Liam Payne outside a Halloween bash in London’s Mayfair district. 
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