tom hanks good morning america swear Tom Hanks gets heat from Parents Television Council for 'Good Morning America' curse

It only happened this morning, but the Parents Television Council is already all over Tom Hanks for accidentally cursing on “Good Morning America.”

“Once again, a morning news show has allowed the harshest profanity to be broadcast into every living room and breakfast table in the country,” the PTC’s director of public policy Dan Isett says in a statement, via Fox News. “This is just another in a long, sad string of similar instances where all of the major network morning shows have permitted this inappropriate and offensive content. These cannot and must not be dismissed as ‘mistakes,’ and it’s time for the networks to step up, take responsibility for what they broadcast, and ensure that this never happens again.”

Both Hanks and “GMA” host Elizabeth Vargas both immediately apologized when the actor accidentally dropped an f-bomb while promoting his movie “Cloud Atlas” during the show’s 8 a.m. hour. ABC also issued a statement about the incident later, saying, “This morning Tom Hanks accidentally used an expletive during a live interview on ‘GMA’ with Elizabeth Vargas. They both immediately apologized on air, and the show was corrected for the all subsequent feeds.”

Maybe the PTC should cut Hanks a little slack? Anyone who has seen the video can tell that it was an accident, and sometimes you just can’t predict what will happen on live TV. We won’t be surprised if Hanks does get the seven-second delay in future interviews that he predicted after this gaffe, though.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz