“Thor: The Dark World’s” Tom Hiddleston continues his quest to convince the world he’s a real-life Disney prince with his latest venture: an outtake from an interview he did with German TV show “Stars in Cars.”

In the clip, Hiddleston gets so excited when he hears The Drifters’ “Stand By Me” on the radio that he starts belting it out, despite his voice being a “bit rusty.” He’s proved before he doesn’t mind bursting out into song, but the fact he might be a bit tipsy (look at that beer he’s holding!) makes this all the more adorable.

Hiddleston has been on a string of swoon-worthy antics while promoting the latest “Thor” movie, from dancing on “Alan Carr” to responding to Benedict Cumberbatch’s AMA to marking the return of Steve in “Loki’d 2.” Which video has been your favorite thus far?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz