tom sizemore mohawk Tom Sizemore's missing friend, Megan Wren, foundThe reported lady friend of actor Tom Sizemore, who has been missing since March 31st, has been reunited with her family, People reports.

]]>Megan Wren was never the actor’s girlfriend, nor assistant. The two apparently resided on the same floor of a luxury high-rise apartment building. Regardless, the “Celebrity Rehab” alum says that he has happy to see her back on the map. “I am relieved and happy Megan is safe and sound. It is unfortunate that she did not come forward immediately as this has caused me a lot of concern,” Sizemore admits. “However, I am pleased no harm has come to Megan and I wish her and her family the best and I am putting this matter behind me.” The LAPD confirmed on Thursday that Sizemore had been called into questioning regarding the case. At the time, his manager had said “This young lady is a heroin addict unfortunately. Tom’s been helping her out. He’s been letting her sleep it off. He helps buy her food and gives her a little money. He sent her to rehab three times but she quits after two days.” Thankfully she is now in the care of her family. We hope she can get whatever help is needed.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci