tommy chong rae dawn chong oprah winfrey Tommy Chong: Rae Dawn Chong wasn't slamming Oprah WinfreyActress Rae Dawn Chong made headlines last week when a radio interview surfaced where she said some questionable things about Oprah Winfrey, then later apologized and said she was actually complimenting the star and talk show host.

TMZ caught up with Rae Dawn’s father, Tommy Chong, to find out his take on all of this. And naturally, he’s very go-with-the-flow about it all.

“Knowing Oprah, she’d probably read [what Rae Dawn said] and just chuckle and probably agree with Rae Dawn, she probably would be working in the fields,” says Chong.

“[Rae Dawn] said back in the day, Oprah would’ve been working in the field because she’s not that beautiful. Whereas, if you’re beautiful, then you’re part of the master’s bedroom. It wasn’t a slam, by no means. Everybody tried to make it out like she was trying to say that Oprah was the n-word and it’s not like that at all,” says Chong.

“I think [Oprah] probably would’ve been a house lady,” he adds. “I think Oprah would’ve used her charm and her intelligence, she’d probably be running the whole house, knowing her. She’s very powerful and very smart and very from-the-heart.”

Does it make anybody else wonder why we’re even talking about what kind of slaves people would have been? Isn’t that just kind of weird?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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