It turns out that “Tomorrowland” is not just about a place “where anything can happen” — but a team of killer robots that don’t want Casey Newton (Britt Robertson) to get there. 
The new, lengthier trailer for Disney’s upcoming sci-fi tale starring Robertson and George Clooney expands greatly from what was shown in the Super Bowl teaser. It reveals a team of killer robot cops out to capture Robertson’s character, who is allegedly a “fugitive element.” 
The shots of Tomorrowland — a technologically advanced alternate reality — are still brief in the trailer, but this new clip ups the action significantly. Both Clooney and Robertson have to show off some fighting skills before they make it to the other world that will somehow help them save their Earth — perhaps from the robot security detail? 
Oh, and there’s also spaceships, fire cannon guns, battle bots that seem to be attacking each other, and a lot of running away from explosions. 
“You wanted to see Tomorrowland,” Clooney says ominously at the close of the trailer. “Here it come.s” 
The mysterious Disney film hits theaters on May 22. 
Posted by:Megan Vick