tony bennett Tony Bennett on Amy Winehouse: 'She knew that she...wasn't going to live.'

If you asked our pop culture crystal ball who would be the most controversial figure of September 2011, we doubt it would have predicted Tony Bennett. But there he goes again…

After making headlines for some interesting remarks regarding 9/11, Tony Bennett is once again turning heads with his candor and bluntness, this time regarding the late Amy Winehouse. On Thursday’s (Sept. 29) episode of “The Daily Show,” Bennett discussed the untimely death of his “Duets II” partner.

“She knew that she was in a lot of trouble, that she wasn’t going to live. It wasn’t drugs, it was alcohol, toward the end.”

Bennett expressed an extreme sadness over the death of Winehouse: “She was the only singer that really sang what I call the right way…She was a really a great jazz singer, a true jazz singer.”

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