In addition to starring as Buster Bluth in the upcoming fourth season of “Arrested Development,” viewers get to see Tony Hale weekly in HBO’s political comedy series “Veep.” Hale plays Gary Walsh, the personal aide to Vice President Selina Meyer, who is portrayed by former “Arrested Development” guest star Julia Louis-Dreyfus. While speaking to Zap2it about “Arrested Development” Season 4, Hale also opened up about what’s in store for the rest of “Veep’s” second season.

“My nemesis on the show is David Pasquesi, who plays Selina’s ex-husband. Gary, my character, thinks Selina is his love interest. Like, there’s no other woman except Selina. So anytime David comes into the picture it’s just chaos for Gary,” Hale says. “More of that’s going to happen.”

He adds, “And Allison Janney is going to be doing a guest spot. She’s going to be playing this kind of news anchor on the show. It’s going to be really fun, what’s coming up.”

According to Hale, Gary considers Selina to be his girlfriend on “Veep.” She isn’t, of course, but that fact won’t dissuade Gary from doing whatever Selina needs of him.

“In my world, Gary is Selina’s love interest,” Hale says. “Anything that Gary wouldn’t do? No, no. His identity is pretty much Selina. I’ve said this before, but if Selina went to go work at Dairy Queen, Gary would be right by her side. He doesn’t care about politics, he doesn’t care about position. He has pretty much identified himself with Selina.”

As for whether there’s hope for Selina and Gary to one day be together romantically, Hale says, “Oh, there’s always hope. In Gary’s world, they are dating. If anyone came up to Gary and said, ‘Oh, you guys aren’t dating,’ he’d be like, ‘Screw you. We are dating. We’re an item. Get used to it.'”

That sounds a lot like the unhealthy relationship Buster Bluth has in “Arrested Development” with his mother Lucille, played by Jessica Walter. Hale admits he hasn’t always played the most emotionally sound characters.

“I’ve kind of had a lot of co-dependent relationships in my characters. Jessica and Selina,” he says. “[This relationship is] a little bit safer, but I think Lucille was so … there’s that clip online where she’s blowing smoke into my mouth which no man should ever be asked to do. So that’s definitely extreme, but Gary and Selina aren’t far off. His world is pretty much surrounded by Selina.”

As for working for Netflix versus HBO, Hale says the environment is pretty similar.

“Both HBO and Netflix, what’s so fantastic about what they’ve done is they’ve given Armando [Iannucci], who’s the creator for ‘Veep,’ and Mitch [Hurwitz], who’s the creator for ‘Arrested,’ they’ve given them that creative freedom,” he says. “With these kind of shows, as specific as they are, you need that. It’s been very nice to have them have a hands off, let’s give them the freedom to do what they do best, and then it’s been able to create a really awesome working environment for them.”

“Veep” airs on HBO on Sundays at 10 p.m. “Arrested Development” Season 4 premieres in its entirety on Netflix on May 26 at 12:01 a.m. PT.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz