tony parker eva longoria getty Tony Parker: The joy of texts

Amid all the rumors of infidelity swirling around Tony Parker and Eva Longorias divorce, an Access Hollywood source is now saying Parker has admitted to texting his teammates wife Erin Barry, but is denying any sexual activity. Sort of like President Bill Clinton smoked but didn’t inhale? We’re not saying whether we think TP scored or shot an air ball. We’re more curious about the context of the digital deets: Sexting or was Barry merely just texting her latest guacamole recipe for him to pass on to Eva for this week’s Beso menu?
The source claims that Tony and Eva’s divorce was due to distance, not infidelity and that the former couple is “still speaking.”
“It was a long distance relationship — and that distance took its toll,” says the source. Color us shocked. 
Tony tells the source that although he did exchange text messages with teammate Brent Barry’s wife, it ended over the summer and there was “no sex involved.” Coincidentally, Brent filed for divorce from Erin on October 29. Hmm, hasn’t Tony learned anything from Tiger Woods?

Access Hollywood’s source also reveals that Tony was aware Eva planned to file for divorce and that he intended to file one day before in Texas, which just so happens to be the same day every media outlet got wind of the impending split, followed by immediate denials of the impending split.
Eva reportedly wanted to file in Los Angeles, asking Tony to hold off. And apparently that wasnt’ the only reason she wanted to him to wait. Us Weekly cover anyone?

Tony and Eva Day II status: Texting: Yes. Sex/Affair: No. Sexting: Undetermined.

Stay tuned.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci