tony robbins breakthrough with 320 Tony Robbins pursues his own 'Breakthrough' in weekly TVTony Robbins is no stranger to reality television, but don’t expect to see him dancing, nor facing Donald Trump in a boardroom.

The motivational expert brings his expertise in helping others to be their best in “Breakthrough With Tony Robbins,” an NBC series premiering July 27. He admits he might not be at his own best if he did ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” or NBC’s “The Celebrity Apprentice,” though he’s fielded offers from both shows.

“Donald is a friend of mine, but [‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ is] not something I personally want to do,” Robbins tells Zap2it. “‘Dancing With the Stars’ has approached me twice. I figure I already have enough to make fun of, with my teeth and my normal style, without adding the dancing part to it. I have to try to have people take me a little seriously if I’m going to keep coaching people.”

Indeed, the ever-energetic and passionate Robbins believes “Breakthrough” has the potential to showcase his success pointers on their biggest scale yet, even with the bounty of infomercials and speaking engagements he’s done over the years.

“It’s very helpful for everybody if you reach more people,” Robbins reasons, “but if this is ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ it’s got to be about Dorothy. If it’s about Tony, someone at home can’t make the changes. My hope is that the things you see me do with these people — or that, more importantly, I’ve created for these people to do — you can go and do yourself.

“It’s not like you can look at somebody else and go, ‘Well, they were lucky.’ Some people will still do that and think, `I couldn’t do that’ … but you could. You can do any of these things, by making some choices. When you’re done watching this, you won’t just be moved. You’ll think, ‘Maybe I can make that shift for myself.’ That’s the part of the show I’m the most happy about.”

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Photo credit: NBC

Posted by:Jay Bobbin