Joe_simpson_jessica_simpsonTony Romo and Jessica Simpson are done.

But according to, Joe Simpson has reportedly called Tony and asked him to attend Jess’s sister Ashlee’s wedding Saturday.

OK, beyond awkward.

If my dad asked a guy who just dumped me to come to my sister’s wedding, I would be mortified. No wonder Jessica got drunk.

But here’s a theory. Maybe Papa Joe brokered that People magazine wedding-photo deal and Tony’s presence was part of the package.

So it could conceivably cost Joe some buckaroos if there’s a Romo no-show.

Or … did Jessica ask her dad to make the call so she would have one more shot at a reconciliation with Tony?

Ashlee Simpson (whom says is about 4 months pregnant) and Pete Wentz will tie the knot Saturday. Big white tents with red curtains were being set up at her parents’ home Thursday. And word is that Pete has asked guests to wear "dark" cocktail attire. No word on who’s bringing the shotgun.

So what do you think? Was it tacky times 10 for Papa Joe to make that call? Or is Jess up to something?

And will Tony fall for it?

Photo: Joe Simpson just wants his little girl, Jessica Simpson, to be happy! Is that so wrong?

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead