In honor of David Letterman getting married to his longtime girlfriend Regina Lasko, we've compiled our own Top 10 list to mark the happy occasion.

Mazel tov and congratulations, Dave!

Top 10 reasons why David Letterman finally married Regina Lasko:

10. Dave found a marriage license in his Cracker Jacks.
9. Had to act now to take advantage of sale at David's Bridal.
8. They'd done everything else there is to do in Montana.
7. Casino threw in free shrimp cocktail and $25 in chips with wedding.
6. Two words: Cake tasting.
5. In these recessionary times, wanted a free new chafing dish.
4. Didn't want to be like Brangelina. They're just wacky.
3. Dave finally got down to his buff brides goal weight.
2. Sick of his son calling him "Uncle Dave."
1. Dave got tired of waiting for Paul Shaffer to make him an honest man.

UPDATE: We think ours is better, but you can check out the Top 10 list David Letterman did after ours was posted. (Trying to bite off of us?)

Do you have any others to share? Whose Top 10 list is better?

Posted by:Zap2it