capitol top chef 'Top Chef: D.C.': A Capitol idea!Last week, desserts took down another cheftestant. Jacqueline coulda been a contender! Instead she’s just a sugar pimpin’ bum. Also, Angelo proved himself to be a dick, who is willing to make America’s children fat just so he can win the competition, or at least make Kenny lose. He was literally pumping trans fats directly into an 11-year-old girl’s stomach in his attempt to get rid of Kenny.

Not forgetting that the last two competitors were sent home over their miserable desserts, and knowing that they need to sell the Just Desserts spin-off, the evil producers chuck a dessert challenge at the chefs. Adding insult to cooking injury, the quick fire challenge is run by a skinny Elvis impersonator who everyone swears is a hunka hunka burnin’ pastry chef, and he and his bouffant and blue suede shoes get covered in sugar and cr�me at Jean Georges.

The assignment? American Pie. The chefs start sweating beads of vanilla and chocolate and throwing whatever they find in the walk-in into a pie crust. Cooking, yelling at ovens, and trash talking ensues. There are several non-traditional pies (shut up, Curry Apple Date Saffron Glazed travesty) and the much more normal (yeah, that’s my face asleep in the blueberry lemon). The winner? Kenny, with a bananas foster interpretation.

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