top chef dc covert cuisine 320 'Top Chef: DC': Are we happy now?On Wednesday night’s (Aug. 18) episode, “Top Chef” had what was perhaps one of the coolest elimination challenges: Covert cuisine.

Although I have to give credit to the chef’testants for “disguising” a classic dish but keeping the flavors the same, I was pretty disappointed that they weren’t more creative. Couldn’t we have gotten a Chicken cordon bleu corndog or a Beef Wellington pancake and sausage combo?

Do you know what didn’t disappoint me? Who was eliminated.

Spoiler Alert: Why are you reading this if you haven’t seen the episode?

So, are we happy now that Alex is finally gone? Although Kenny was obnoxious, he was the better chef and shouldn’t have gone home already. Angelo had a bad day, so I still wanted him in.

But Alex was just downright unlikable right? The editing made him seem that way, and even more offensive is that most of his food was not great. Well, he did win that one challenge … but it was with that English pea puree.

So let’s get down to it now that he’s gone: Do you think he actually stole Ed’s pea puree? He will deny it to the ends of the earth of course. The previously eliminated Stephen doesn’t think he did. Then again, Stephen couldn’t cook rice.

Frankly, even though I don’t like him, I’m just not sure I can believe he’d try to do that on a televised show. Then again, if Ed’s puree was indeed left behind or something, they eventually would have found it, right? Maybe Bravo is saving this little drama to be played out on the reunion show.

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen