tim top chef0714 320 'Top Chef' is down on the farmQuickfire Challenge: Create a dish using Maryland blue crabs. Andrea‘s crab salad is considered too weighty, Amanda‘s gelee is “out of balance” and Kevin‘s chowder doesn’t have enough crab, so those are the bottom three. The top three are Ed, with a Thai-inspired dish; Kenny, who made a trio of crab-infused dishes; and Angelo‘s Asian-influenced broth. The winner is the one who best showed off the crab, and that’s Ed. It’s awesome, because Angelo feels threatened, since Ed beat him at his own Asian game.

Elimination Challenge: Work in one team to create a meal for a group of organic farmers using local ingredients. They have to produce six dishes, so it makes sense to split up into pairs, and they just go with the same teams as the last challenge (only after Angelo and Kenny fight about it for a while). Everyone is happy except for Ed and Tiffany, who wanted to ditch their partners and hook up (apparently in more ways than one). And yet somehow, even though they worked in pairs, each chef has an individual dish? I found this part very confusing; maybe when I rewatch, it will make more sense.

The top four are Kevin, Kenny, Andrea, and Kelly, which is funny because they were the worst (that didn’t go home) last week. Just goes to show that the challenge last week was poorly designed. It’s one thing when ONE person goes from worst to first, but all four? The ultimate winner is Kenny for his sweet and sour curried eggplant.

The bottom three are Tim, Amanda and Stephen. Tim is, as always, surprised that they didn’t like his dish. He just thinks he is awesome, and yet he has been in the bottom a lot. Anyway, the judges found his dish bland. They thought Stephen made a conceptual error in serving his salad in a bowl, and his dressing overwhelmed his salad. They thought Amanda’s minestrone was amateurish, and she just comes off as dumber and dumber every week and really needs to learn to close her mouth once in a while. Not close it as in “stop talking” (although that wouldn’t hurt), but she just stands there with her gaping maw and it makes her look really stupid. Ultimately, Tim is told to pack his knives and go, mostly because his dish was just boring and made no impression. Kind of like Tim, to be honest.

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