top chef masters olympians 'Top Chef Masters' and the OlympiansQuickfire Challenge: Identify that Ingredient. You’ve seen it before on “Top Chef”; the chefs have to taste a sauce and then identify its components. The final comes down to Rick and Susur, and Rick wins, which is kind of awesome after Susur spent all this time bragging about his incredible palate and the proper technique for tasting sauces.

Elimination Challenge: Cook a meal inspired by a deity. As with last week, Susur claims that he’s at a disadvantage because he doesn’t understand who Dionysus is, and it’s not his culture. God, he bugs me. Read Wikipedia or something, for crying out loud. Here are the dishes:

Susur (Dionysus): roasted pork loin in Chinese wine, croquette with feta, Santorini olives. I don’t think Susur really got the bacchanalia aspect of this deity. It should have been all fried in butter with bacon or something.

Marcus (Ares): cured beef and salmon with apple broth and oyster foam. Gael finds it wonderful and Jay says it’s compelling, but Gail thinks it’s muddy.

Susan (Aphrodite): toast with coconut jam and sweet butter, fried egg with white pepper and dark soy. Gail wanted the food to be hot, but she couldn’t get enough of the coconut jam.

Rick (Hades): spice-crusted swordfish, crimson potatoes, daikon, radishes and parsnips. Gail likes the earthiness, and Gael finds the entire plate wonderful, although they all think the swordfish is a little dry.

Jonathan (Poseidon): seared scallops, Romesco sauce, cherry tomatoes, string beans, and celery puree. Jay finds it big, bold, and flavorful, but they all agree that the scallops are overseasoned.

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