top chef masters real housewives 'Top Chef Masters': Bangers and mash for 'The Real Housewives of Orange County'This week’s contestants are Graham Elliott Bowles, Jonathan Waxman, Ludo Lefebvre, Mark Peel, Rick Moonen and Wylie Dufresne, all of whom competed last season.

Quickfire Challenge: Create a dish to pair with a Stolichnaya cocktail. The judges are Gayle and some of “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” The housewives are kind of idiots. I mean, it’s like me judging a gourmet food competition, when my favorite foods are not gourmet. They don’t know much about food, and it shows. The chefs get frustrated watching it. Ultimately, Jonathan Waxman finishes early and still wins with his pork tenderloin and poblano stuffed shrimp with avocado butter.

Elimination Challenge: Create an upscale version of a traditional pub food dish to be served at Tom Bergin’s Tavern. Ludo and Rick have a little drama where they really want to beat one another, and both want to make the same dish, but Rick wins out. Ludo is pissed, because Rick is known for his fish, and he thinks it’s an unfair advantage. Ludo also has some drama with Graham. Basically, Ludo is a dick, which if I recall, was about how he acted last season in his episode. Here’s what each chef gets and what they create:

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