mekhi phifer top chef masters 'Top Chef Masters': It's Mekhi Phifer's partyThis week’s contestants are Carmen Gonzalez, David Burke, Marcus Samuelsson, Monica Pope and Thierry Rautureau. While Samuelsson has been a judge on “Top Chef,” none of them were on this show last season, much like last week.

Are they going to make all the former contestants compete against each other in one episode? Interesting. (A later commercial confirmed that they are doing exactly that, which seems fair.)

Quickfire Challenge: Kelly is the judge, and each chef has to create an awesome grilled cheese sandwich. I would like to judge that contest. I would automatically eliminate anyone who put bullshit in there like caviar or spinach or something. I want good bread and good cheese with a crispy outside and a gooey inside. I would accept certain additions, such as ham or certain vegetables, but it would need to taste good. Man, I’m really jealous of Kelly right now. Monica Pope wins with her Moroccan twist: feta and farmer cheese with dates on raisin nut bread and herb salad. I would not like that, but I’m not the judge.

Elimination Challenge: Cater a soul food birthday party for Mekhi Phifer. During prep, there’s major drama as Carmen leaves her stew, the main component of her dish, in the kitchen. She has to run back and get it, and the other chefs pitch in to help out. Except they burn her yucca while she’s gone. She manages to pull a dish together, though it’s not her original plan. Here are the dishes each chef makes:

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