top chef masters simpsons 'Top Chef Masters' welcomes 'The Simpsons'Quickfire Challenge: The chefs have to create a dish inspired by a Simpsons character, and are judged by Matt Groening (show creator), Matt Selman (producer and writer) and Hank Azaria (voice talent).

While cooking, Susur mistakes Tony’s pan of bacon fat as garbage and throws his scraps in there. Oops. Especially when the judges claim they would like more bacon taste in Tony’s dish. Rick Moonen wins with his shrimp sloppy D’oh, truffle potato chips and beer dish for Homer.

Elimination Challenge: Make a delectable dish with exotic proteins from land and sea (i.e. surf and turf). Here are the dishes:

Tony: Crostino with calamari in Zimino and braised goat with goat cheese ravioli. The critics like the squid, but think he didn’t use enough goat.

Marcus: Geoduck and kangaroo sausage, geoduck pearled couscous, and geoduck and kangaroo tartare. Some critics think there might be too many elements on the plate, but others think they work well together.

Rick: black chicken mousse and roulade on buttered leeks and miso-marinated monkfish liver torchon. The critics think it was well-executed, but just kind of there? I guess. They don’t say much.

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