top chef texas 'Top Chef' recap: Frozen FoodSome time has passed since the last episode, and the final four cheftestants arrive in British Columbia, Canada for the finals. They take a gondola up to the top of Whistler and learn that they’ll be competing in three events, and then one of them will be eliminated.

The first event is to cook a dish on a moving gondola, and also jump out at a certain point and grab a new ingredient to incorporate into their dishes. Between the motion sickness from being in the gondola and the janky equipment, it’s not easy. Paul makes a lamb loin dish, Sarah makes chorizo sausage, Beverly makes salmon tartare (cheating! It’s not even cooked!), and Lindsay makes salmon and quinoa. Lindsay wins the challenge and gets a pass to the next round, so she doesn’t have to compete in the next two events.

The next day, Beverly, Paul, and Sarah compete in the second event, where they have to chop their ingredients out of ice blocks and make a dish in an hour. Paul gets his ingredients out pretty quickly but Sarah and Lindsay struggle. Did I mention that they are cooking outside on the mountaintop? Sarah makes pea and spinach soup, Paul makes poached king crab, and Beverly makes a seared scallop. Paul wins the challenge, so he doesn’t need to compete in the third event. It’s great, because he gave up some of his ingredients to help out his competitors, and it would’ve really sucked if that had caused him to lose.

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