top chef paula deen 'Top Chef' recap: Gone FishingQuickfire Challenge: Guest judge Paula Deen asks them to create a deep-fried dish. The bottom two are Dale, whose flavors are bland, and Carla, whose hush puppies are heavy. Antonia had Paula’s favorite dish but forgot to create two plates, so she’s disqualified. Blais makes a dish that includes deep fried mayonnaise, but Mike totally steals an idea from Blais to make chicken “oysters” and then wins. Of course, Mike claims he didn’t steal a thing, but what a dick. At least he didn’t get immunity.

Elimination Challenge: Make Gulf Coast seafood for three hundred people, as part of a benefit for the Gulf Coast, after it was damaged by the oil spill. The previously eliminated cheftestants return, each holding a seafood protein, and the remaining cheftestants have to choose a person and an ingredient to work with. At the actual event, the sheer number of people overwhelms everyone, and some handle it better than others. Here are the results:

Mike worked with Tiffani to create grit-crusted Gulf shrimp, sour cream and chive potatoes with pork and lobster sauce. The judges like it, although it seemed like Tiffani did a lot of the work.

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