top chef dc padma lakshmi tom colicchio 320 'Top Chef' recap: Grease Fire Is The WordQuickfire Challenge: In the Bahamas, the cheftestants must cook head-to-head against the chef that won their season, and the winner gets $10,000. Colicchio chose the main ingredient for each group. So we have Tiffany vs. Kevin from Season 7, and Tiffany wins. From Season 5, it’s Carla versus Hosea, and Hosea wins because Carla’s rice is undercooked. From Season 4, it’s Stephanie versus both Blais and Antonia. Stephanie beats Antonia, and Blais beats Stephanie. Both Stephanie and Antonia’s food sucked, so Blais wins handily. For Season 6, it’s Mike Isabella versus Michael Voltaggio, and somehow Mike Isabella wins. I think it was because Mike Volt’s hair was HORRIBLE and it sapped his culinary skills.

Elimination Challenge: Cook a dish for Bahamian royalty. Except after their two hours of prep, the cheftestants find out that they’re cooking for the King of Junkanoo, not the King of the Bahamas or whatever they were expecting. It’s like if you thought you were cooking for Queen Elizabeth but it turned out you were cooking for Aretha Franklin, Queen of Soul. But then there’s a fire in the kitchen when the food is almost done, and the chemical fire extinguisher goes off, and all the food is contaminated. So the cheftestants have to start from scratch, and re-prep their food, and cook, all in that same night. Here is what was served:

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