Quickfire Challenge: After arriving in Austin, the cheftestants are challenged to cook something based on Twitter suggestions, with new suggestions coming in while they’re cooking. So the first suggestion is that they have to cook something with bacon in it. Booooooooooo! Come on, Twitter. The second suggestion is to make a hash. The third suggestion is that each cheftestant chooses an ingredient and hands it off to someone else. The top three are Beverly, Sarah and Paul, and the winner of $10,000 but not immunity is Paul, who combined bacon, asparagus, blackberries, and clams and somehow made it work.

Elimination Challenge: Patti LaBelle shows up to sing a song and also serve as guest judge. The challenge is to make a dish inspired by their cooking inspirations, and who taught them how to cook. The judges are Patti, Tom, Padma and Emeril. And here are the dishes:

Chris Moto: Lemon-pepper steak with baked potato and vegetables, inspired by his grandmother’s Friday night steak dinners. The judges don’t love the meat, but do like the vegetables.

Heather: Beef stroganoff with herb spaetzle and roasted wild mushrooms, inspired by her mom, “the queen of one-pot meals.” Emeril can’t figure out what kind of beef it is, and Patti says it’s Bigfoot. Oof.

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